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Digitising my Business and Social Media Masterclass

Come along to this Masterclass to discover how to win using the digital platform – doing business in a connected world!

Northern Ireland has a world-class digital infrastructure in place, but businesses must use it to its fullest potential in order to not only grow their revenues but also enhance the economy as a whole.

Embracing the World Wide Web is only the first step for businesses in Northern Ireland. But by harnessing the power of digital technology and Internet through the likes of online marketing and e-commerce, companies can not only boost their own sales but also strengthen the local economy and create new jobs.

Technology and the Internet could be the game-changer that many companies need to take them to the next level. This will allow you to not only improve the efficiency of your business but also allow you to gain greater market reach both locally and globally. This seminar aims to help businesses understand what the digital platform is and how it can change the way business is done.

There will be a number of expert speakers including Dr Sinclair Stockman, Executive Director of DNI 2020. With over 30 years of technology and operational experience on the global stage, Sinclair Stockman is involved in communicating the technical advantages of Northern Ireland in order to develop economic and business models that will act as blueprints to stimulate and accelerate growth.

About the Speaker:

Dr Sinclair Stockman, Executive Director of Digital Northern Ireland 2020 (DNI 2020), has over 30 years of technology and operational experience on the global stage. His recent work with DNI 2020 has crossed over many sectors, from connected health to finance to media and SMEs, all of which he has engaged with to ensure that the best use of digital technology is being made for social and economic benefit.

Sinclair also works as an independent executive technology and transformation advisor, working with a number of innovative web service based companies, providing executive advice and also working on a number of innovative projects with global NGOs and in developing countries.

In his role as CIO of the BT Group and president of BT Global Business Networks and Systems, Sinclair led BT’s Broadband Software Systems programme and the global networks and systems research, development and operations programmes through a period of rapid growth and expansion.

Prior to this, as Director of Software Engineering at BT, he created two world leading software engineering centres in Ipswich and Glasgow, which were responsible for the early work on intelligent networks and distributed object orientated systems platforms. He then was responsible for the programme management of BT’s major systems investments, including the Customer Services System, for which he was awarded the Martlesham Medal. This was in recognition of his contribution to significant technology progress to telecommunications.

His early career was in the newly formed BT Belfast Software Engineering Centre, where he managed key projects such as the City Business Keyboard Trading System, which became the world’s leading financial trading system, and the development of the first ISO9000 certified Software Quality Management System.

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